Best New Jersey Online Roulette Casinos in 2023

Any casino’s staple, roulette is synonymous with excitement and thrill. NJ players have access to online roulette since the inception of the market in 2013 and the game’s popularity doesn’t seem to dwindle. With more than $5.5 million of roulette jackpots of over $50,000 paid to New Jersey online winners in 2022 alone[1], roulette remains one of the most entertaining and best-paying online casino games of all.

Whether you want to polish your skills in the demo mode or play for real money, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you navigate the online casino scene with operators picked specifically because of their roulette offerings. We will also introduce you to basic knowledge of the roulette game and best strategies to raise your chance of winning while having the most fun. Read on to learn more about the vibrant roulette table, game features, and online casinos with great roulette titles.

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Online Roulette NJ
Quick Details:
Roulette Types We HaveAmerican, European, French
Roulette House Edge5.26%
Minimum Bet Available$10
Maximum Bet Available$1,000
Roulette Games Developers AvailableNetEnt, IGT
Best Roulette SiteBorgata Casino
Best Roulette BonusBetMGM Casino

Best Online Roulette NJ Casinos

Welcome offer
100% Deposit Match Up to $500
Promo Code: IGAMING
Available Games
online slots NJOnline Roulette NJOnline Blackjack NJonline baccarat NJNJ online craps
4.8 /5
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Full T&Cs Apply. To be eligible, players must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of New Jersey. Players must make a single deposit of $50. The bonus money has a 1x wagering requirement.

Welcome offer
100% Deposit Match Up to $1,000
Available Games
online slots NJOnline Roulette NJOnline Blackjack NJonline baccarat NJNJ online craps
4.6 /5
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Full T&Cs Apply. To be eligible, players must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of New Jersey. Players must make a single deposit of $10. The bonus money has a 30x wagering requirement.

Welcome offer
100% Deposit Match Up to $1,000
Available Games
online slots NJOnline Roulette NJOnline Blackjack NJonline baccarat NJNJ online craps
4.6 /5
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Full T&Cs Apply. To be eligible, players must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of New Jersey. Players must make a single deposit of $10. The bonus money has a 10x wagering requirement.

New Jersey Online Casinos Offering Roulette Games

There are many different online casinos in New Jersey, but roulette is a staple at most. Even new sites will typically offer this game, and it’s easy to see why – with its exciting betting options, you’ll be able to play your favorite casino games right here without leaving home! Some of our top picks are:

CasinoOfferBonus CodeWageringSecure Link
888 Online Casino
888 Casino
Live Roulette Welcome Bonus 120% Up to $500 Use link to claim the bonus30x
BetRivers Casino NJ
100% Deposit Match Up to $500

Promo Code: IGAMING

BetMGM casino
100% Up to $1,000 - $25 FREEPLAY® Use link to claim the bonus15x

Roulette Games Variations at NJ Online Casinos

The following are some of the best New Jersey casinos and the types of roulette games they provide. From the minimum age to play roulette online to the minimum deposit of each center, there’s so much in store for you:

4.6 /5
100% Up to $1,000 - $25 FREEPLAY®

BetMGM is based in New Jersey and was established in July 2018 to provide an unbeatable sports gambling and online gaming platform in the US. It provides a number of roulette variations such as: Live Roulette games by Ezugi and Evolution Gaming; American and European Roulette by WIN Studios, and American Roulette by SG Games. Upon signing up, you receive a free $25 to try out the casino games on the site. You should be 21 years or older to play roulette on the online betting platform.

Tropicana Casino
3 /5
100% Deposit Match Up to $500

It was founded in 2013 and offers the following roulette variations: American Roulette games by NetEnt and Roxor; European Roulette games by NetEnt and Roxor; French roulette by NetEnt, and misc Roulette games by Gamesys. Tropicana Casino provides two welcome bonuses: The $25 Free Instant Bonus Cash that you get when you create an account and the Real Money-Back bonus that’s worth at least $100.

This New Jersey online casino that’s been operating since 2004 and offers patrons “bonus money” of up to $50, which comes with a 1x wagering requirement. It provides similar roulette wheel game variations as Tropicana. You must be 21 years and over to enjoy roulette in the casino. The bonus money applies when you choose to play casino roulette for real cash. And, you must pay a minimum deposit of $10 to claim your new player bonus.

Caesars Casino
3.6 /5
100% up to $1,000 - On First Deposit

Signing up on this platform is straightforward and once you do, you get a $10 bonus that doesn’t require any deposits to your account. You use the bonus to play the games stated by the casino. Caesars Casino also provides a 100% match up to approximately $300 on the first deposit. The minimum deposit to claim your new player bonus is $10. Its online roulette variations are: American and French Roulette games by NetEnt; American Roulette by Inspired Gaming. The age limit to play roulette at Caesars Casino is 21 years old.

Golden Nugget
4 /5
100% Up to $1,000 - 200 Free Spins

Golden Nugget offers more games than most casinos, a sizeable deposit match bonus, a good rewards program, among other goodies. What could be better than that? The platform offers a $10 welcome bonus. You’ll need to put in a minimum of $30 and achieve a playthrough condition of 10x the security plus extra prior to making an instalment. It provides these online wheel game variations: American Roulette by SG Games; American, European, and French Roulette variations by NetEnt; Live Dealer Roulette Games played with dealers at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

Roulette and chips

Learn the Basics of Playing Roulette

Before diving right into playing online roulette, please note that it’s entirely a game of chance. Though you can’t predict the outcome, heck, you can enjoy trying!

Before we dive right in, please note that it’s entirely a game of chance. Though you can’t predict the outcome, heck, you can enjoy trying!

That said, here’s a guide on playing:

  • Select where the ball will land and put your bet on the roulette table.
  • Click the ‘play’ or ‘spin’ button. You’ll see the roulette wheels rotating and the ball entering the game.
  • Wait.
  • If the ball lands on an area in the wheel you chose, your winnings are automatically added to your balance.

Simple, right? Okay, now for the basic rules.

  • Only the croupier touches the chips of the players that lost and pays the winner.
  • You should place a bet on the dedicated area on the table.
  • You shouldn’t touch the marker of the winning number during any playing session.

As you’ve observed, the rules are easy to follow and must be adhered to for the casino game to have its unmatched excitement and uniqueness.

You can set the roulette bets before the croupier closes the gambling session.

Types of Roulette Bets

Roulette bets

There are two main types of roulette game bets:

Inside bets focus on specific combinations or single number bets. They are:

  • Snake bet
  • Straight-up bet
  • Line bet
  • Split bet
  • Five-number bet
  • Corner bet

Outside bets are made on groups of colors or numbers instead of a particular number. They are:

  • Odd/Even bets
  • High/Low bets- 19-36 (high) or 1-18 (low).
  • Red/Black bets
  • Dozens bets
  • Columns bets

Roulette Odds and Payouts

Inside and outside bets both have something unique to bring to the roulette table. The main one is inside bets have a higher payout but low winning odds while outside bets have low payout and higher odds of winning as we shall see below:

  • The payout for a 6 number combination bet is 5:1, while the winning odds are 15.8% in the American version and 16.2% in the European version.
  • A single number gets a 35:1 payout and 2.70% winning odds in the European variant and 2.60% in the American version.
  • A four-number combination gets an 8:1 payout and 10.5% odds of winning in the American variant and 10.8% in the European version.
  • A 2-number combination bags a 17:1 payout and has 5.4% odds of winning in the European version and 5.3% in the American variant.
  • A 5-number combination gets you a 6:1 payout and 13.2% odds of winning in the American variety and 13.5% in the European version.
  • A 3-number combination earns you an 11:1 payout and has 8.1% odds of winning in the European variant and 7.9% in the American version.
  • Low/High bet has a payout of 1:1 and winning odds of 47.4% in the American variant and 48.60% in the European variety.
  • Column and Dozen bets provide a 2:1 payout and have winning odds of 32.40% in the European version and 31.6% in the American version.
  • Even/Odd bet gives you a 1:1 payout and has winning odds of 47.4% in the American version and 48.60% in the European variety.
  • Red/Black bet has a payout of 1:1 and winning odds of 48.60 in the European version and 47.4% in the American variant.

A Short Overview of the Most Popular Roulette Strategies

This popular wheel game is a game of its own. It keeps your adrenaline pumping because of its chance characteristic.

Though you might not win every round of the game, here’s a tear-wiper: You can use well-known strategies to increase your winning chances.

Scientists and players have tried these gambling strategies for decades, and they’ve proven them to increase your winning odds. Enough talk. Let’s check out these techniques:

The Martingale Strategy

French mathematician Paul Pierre Levy introduced this technique. It simply demands that you should double your bet each time you lose with the hopes of scooping some significant returns eventually.

Clearly, it’s risky and you should only use it if you have a bulky bankroll and some experience to go with it.

The D’Alembert Strategy

The strategy was named after French mathematician Jean le Rond d’Alembert, and just like the Martingale strategy, it requires you to increase your gamble after a loss.

The significant difference between the two techniques is that this strategy demands that you increase your bet by a single unit when you lose, instead of doubling it like in the Martingale strategy.

The Labouchere Strategy

If you’re looking for a safer and softer technique, then the Labouchere fits you perfectly.

Also known as the split martingale or cancellation system, the Labouchere technique allows you to decide how much money you want to win.

As you decide, you should write down a list of positive digits that add up to your preferred amount.

The first wager is the sum of the furthest left digit and furthest right number.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

It’s in the name. The anti-Martingale system or reverse-Martingale system requires you to do the opposite of what you’d do in the Martingale strategy.

Instead of doubling your bet after a loss, for example, this one requires you to double your bet after each win and lower your wagers to the least amount again when you lose.

The Fibonacci Strategy

Leonardo Fibonacci introduced this strategy and it’s based on the popular Fibonacci digits with a sequence where the following number you receive equals the total of the previous two, beginning with 1.

Here’s an idea of the Fibonacci sequence: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610-987

Whenever you lose, you move to the next digit in the sequence and gamble the corresponding amount. A win on a figure moves you back down the series two figures, with the strategy ending when back at the first number.

6 Actionable Roulette Tips

Every player of this classic wheel game can agree it’s fun. The impossibility of beating it makes it even more appealing. Can you imagine how anticlimactic it can be when you finally break it?

If you’re a beginner looking to maximize your winning chances on roulette, here are some practical pointers to get you on the right track:

Play within your bankroll

It can be tempting to incur debts trying to gain that win but consider your peace of mind. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on gambling and stick to it.

Start with demos

Sure, you want to win (who doesn’t?), but the overall reason you should be playing is to have fun. Begin with free spins roulette so you can get a feel and pace of the game.

Separate bank accounts

Create a bank account specifically for gambling. You can add to it daily or weekly so you can never run out of green.

Choose European or French

Always go for a European or French wheel as they give a 2.70% house edge compared to the 5.26% that an American one gives.

Keep what you win

For instance, you begin with an amount of $50. After some time, you get a total sum of $100, which is equal to the gain of $50. Withdraw the sum you won into your account.

Keep track of the game

Always check the previous rounds of the game to help you make predictions for your matches. Memorize the game terminology before you can start playing.

Where to Play Roulette in Atlantic City?

Borgata Casino

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa not only provides good food and a beautiful playing ambiance, but it offers 19 roulette tables, 1 of which is European.

Their table minimums are $10, and their maximum bet is $100 any way to the number or $500 straight up.

Tropicana Casino

At the Tropicana Atlantic City Casino and Resort, you can enjoy the wheel game alongside a vast range of Asian-style table games. It’s located just a brief walk off Palm Walk.

Plus, it creates an inviting and stylish environment for the avid gambler and offers unmatched wheel options, specifically 20 tables, 1 of them being European.

However, its table minimum is $10, and the maximum is $200 upfront.

Resorts Casino

Resorts Atlantic City offers ten tables, one of which is of European variant. Its table minimum is $10, but they don’t have a fixed maximum wager amount.

Wild Wild West Casino

Wild Wild West is one of the brick and mortar casinos where you can gamble at your betting station and the more conventional method with a dealer and a wheel. It also has a saloon theme that’s been slightly toned down to appeal to the younger generation.

It provides players with 17 tables, 1 of which adopts the single zero design.

The least wagers are $10 while the most are $25.

Harrah’s Atlantic City

Harrah’s offers ten tables, 9 American and 1 European. The bet minimums are $15, and maximums are $200, $5000, or $2500, depending on the bet.

In it, you can find traditional versions versions of roulette plus contemporary twists of the popular table game.

How We Rate NJ Online Casinos

If you take a look at the NJ online casinos from our list, you’ll see each one of them is rated by our experienced team of gambling enthusiasts. But how do we decide which one is 5 out of 5 and which can hardly get a 3? Here are the factors we consider:

Bonuses & Promotions

Is a welcome bonus lucrative? Aren’t wagering requirements too high? Is there something else except the welcome pack? We take a close look at the Promotions page and answer these and other bonus-related questions.

Games Variety

We count how many games there are, which providers are present in the collection, and how generally diverse the game list is.

Customer Support

Problems might occur even in the best online casino, and there should always be someone to help you. If a casino has responsive customer support — it gets a point from us.

Mobile & Apps

Mobile betting is extremely popular, but not all casinos are mobile-optimized or have dedicated mobile apps. We always check whether the casino is mobile-friendly and how convenient it is when playing on the go.

Banking Options

We make sure there are enough deposit and withdrawal options to choose from, and that a casino offers fast and smooth payments. If it doesn’t, the final rate will be much lower.


  1. The State of New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety – Division of Gaming Enforcement – Announcement of Atlantic City Jackpots $50,000 or more,


Is it possible to play mobile roulette in NJ?

Yes. A lot of NJ online casinos are either mobile-optimized or have dedicated mobile apps to download. While a live version might not be the best choice for mobile betting, classic online roulette works perfectly on the go.

What is the online roulette house edge?

The house edge of online roulette depends on the game variation you choose for your bets. European/French variations tend to be more lucrative and have a house edge of 2.6% while the double-zero American variation has the one of 5.26%.

How do I know if an online casino is legit?

To be sure you’re trusting your money and personal information to a safe and legal online casino, make sure it’s licensed by the NJ DGE. The easiest way to do so is to simply pick a website from our list.

What are the best roulette bonuses for NJ players?

NJ online casinos offer all kinds of lucrative bonuses and promotions, and sometimes, bonus money can be used for your roulette bets as well. We recommend starting with a welcome bonus, and then check out what else the casino has got for you.