How to Get Free Drinks at Bally’s Casino Atlantic City: 2024 Update

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Are Drinks Free at Bally's Casino Atlantic City?

It’s common to expect to get complimentary drinks when visiting casinos. It’s a tradition for casinos to ensure their customers have the most fun, including giving them refreshments free of charge. The casinos would serve the drinks to actively gambling players or let you order whatever you want for free.

However, casinos are businesses looking to make a profit. Too many casino free drinks will damage their revenue, and they’ve become more creative in giving complimentary beverages. Some casinos only allow VIP members to get complimentary drinks, and others would only allow you to redeem your loyalty points for drinks.

Bally’s Casino AC is one of the most iconic casinos in Atlantic City. The casino has multiple services and amenities, including a hotel for visitors who want to stay close to the gaming floor. All sorts of classic casino entertainment are available at Bally’s. From gaming to dining, nightlife, and relaxation, Bally’s offers a complete fun package.

Now, the question is, are drinks free at Bally’s Casino Atlantic City? You’ll unlikely get free drinks while enjoying Bally’s casino floor. However, the casino hotel has multiple great bars to get a tasty Bally’s drink.

Complimentary Drinks at Bally’s Casino Atlantic City

Most Atlantic City casinos used to provide complimentary drinks to all visitors on the casino floor. However, Bally’s no longer provides any casino free drinks to customers. Still, there are multiple ways to get lower prices on drinks you can purchase in the vicinity.

If you want to enjoy complimentary drinks at Bally’s Casino, the gaming floor will have a table service available. You’ll get to enjoy soda, coffee, and tea for free while you’re gaming.

Bally’s Atlantic City Bars and Happy Hours

Bally’s offers multiple dining spots and bars where you can get delicious drinks and meals. Bally’s bars and restaurants also often provide live performances, so you can enjoy your drinks while jamming to the tune.

  • Carousel Bar allows you to come anytime you want. The bar is open 24/7, and DJs will play every Friday and Saturday. If you want to party at the Carousel Bar, the DJs will play from 8 PM until 1 AM. Jerry Longo’s Meatballs and Martinis will also offer DJ performances every Saturday from 6 PM to 10 PM;
  • The Yard provides nonstop entertainment for those looking to enjoy more performances or music. However, it’s best to check on Bally’s official site if you come for the performance, as they vary from time to time. If you want a more affordable Bally’s drink, you can visit at the happy hour. The Yard offers a Beer Special happy hour on Fridays from 5 PM to 6:30 PM. You’ll get to purchase beers and snacks with a starting price of $5;
  • If you visit The Yard from 9 PM to 11 PM on Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy special prices on beers, shots, and cocktails. Beers start at $3, shots will start from $4, and $5 for cocktails. If you purchase the beer and shot combos that The Yard offers, you can also get a special price of $10 from 9 PM to 2 AM;
  • Guy Fieri’s Chophouse also offers happy hours for visitors looking for the best price on beer and wine. If you visit from 5 PM to 6:30 PM, the restaurant offers a 50% discount on beer and wine;
  • Your trip to Bally’s won’t be complete without the beach experience. You can enjoy your drinks while watching the ocean at Bally’s Beach Bar. Get your refreshing drinks at Bally’s Beach Bar from Friday to Monday. They’re open from 1 PM to 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, 1 PM to 10 PM on Sundays, and 9 PM to 3 AM on Mondays.

Bally’s Casino Atlantic City Loyalty Program and Free Drinks

As Bally’s members, you’ll enjoy multiple benefits you won’t get without the membership. You can join by visiting the Bally Rewards Club at any Bally’s establishment for free.

When you hold a membership, you can earn points whenever you play any slot machines or table games that Bally’s provides. These points are Bally Bucks you can redeem for Bally’s free play, food credit, and merchandise credit. The more points you collect, the higher your membership tiers will be. Higher levels will give you more benefits, but the highest tier, Bally’s Legend, is invitational only.

You can get discounts on hotel stays, restaurants, and retail store shopping through the membership benefit. You’ll also enjoy priority services at Bally’s. The program is also linked to the NJ online casino website affiliated with Bally’s Casino, so you really don’t want to miss a chance to spend earn and redeem Bally Points.

Are drinks free at Bally’s Casino Atlantic City if you’re a VIP member? Unfortunately, Bally’s doesn’t give complimentary drinks to the members of the loyalty program. Bally Rewards Tiers


How Can I Get Bally’s Free Play?

If you’re registered as a member at Bally’s, you can collect Bally Bucks, which you can redeem for Bally’s free play. 200 Bally Bucks are redeemable to $1 slot play.

Does Bally’s Bars Provide Happy Hours?

Several Bally’s bars offer happy hours. The Yard has happy hours where you’ll get special prices on shots, cocktails, beers, and snacks. Guy Fieri’s Chophouse also offers happy hours for beer and wine.

Can I Smoke While Visiting Bally’s Atlantic City Casino?

You can smoke at Bally’s Atlantic City Casino. However, there’s a separate smoking area on the casino floor.

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