Atlantic City Casino Gift Cards: MGM Resorts Gift Card & More

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Atlantic City Casino Gift Cards

Gift cards have always been a popular go-to choice as gifts. They’re suitable for any occasion, you can choose how much to load onto them, and you give the receiver more control over how they use the funds. Casino gift cards are prepaid cards that you load with your desired amount of money which can be used to purchase certain things within the casino resort. They can be used on almost anything within the casino resort.

If you’re considering getting somebody a gift card as a present, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out about the different Atlantic City gift cards available.

🎁 How Casino Gift Cards Work

There are two types of casino gift card options. The first is a traditional physical gift card, while the second is an gift e-card. They both work essentially the same. One is a physical card you can keep in your wallet, whilst the other is a digital card sent to the recipient via SMS, email, or social media.

Casino Gift Cards

You can also purchase an eGift card and print it out if you want to give it to somebody as a physical gift and don’t have the time to wait for a physical gift card to arrive by mail. You can buy gift cards for casinos at the casino resorts themselves, from various outlets, or purchase them online at the casino’s official website. You choose how much you want to add to the gift card.

Gift cards may be purchased using cash or credit/debit cards in physical locations or online using different methods depending on which card you are getting and where you buy it. The receiver can use the gift card on almost every service within the affiliated resort. The available options include food and drinks in bars and restaurants, entertainment like shows, accommodation, and shopping.

Note: Gambling is usually excluded from the list of available options, so make sure to keep that in mind when planning your stay with a gift card.

Casino gift cards can also often have funds added to them at later stages, and sometimes you can personalize them. You can choose the design of the card from a selection, add your and the recipient’s names, a personal message, and the date it should be sent.

🎰 Gift Cards for Atlantic City Casinos

There are many casinos and resorts in Atlantic City that offer gift cards and certificates. Your MGM Resorts gift card options are just as extensive in the city. Below we’ll detail the different Atlantic City gift card options for the various casinos and resorts.

Caesars Rewards Gift Card

Available in
  • Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino
  • Tropicana Atlantic City
  • Harrah’s Resort & Casino Atlantic City
Gift Card Value$1-$2,000
Personalized DesignPersonalized message
E-Card AvailabilityNo

Caesars Reward Gift Cards are accepted at nearly 50 casino resorts in the USA. You can use them in Atlantic City at Caesars, Tropicana, and Harrah’s. Therefore you don’t have to worry about buying specific Harrah’s gift cards or a Tropicana gift card.

You can buy Caesars Rewards Gift Cards at these three resorts in their Caesars Rewards Centers and other resort retail locations, or you can buy them online at the Caesars Rewards site. Caesars does not have eCard options; your physical card will be shipped to you.

You can use your Caesars Rewards points to pay for your Caesars/Tropicana/Harrah’s gift card, as well as cash, debit, or credit cards. There is a small fee for the physical card, and if you purchase it online, you’ll also pay a small “convenience fee” toward processing your credit card payment.

There is only one card design, and you can load it with any amount up to $1,000. After that, funds cannot be added again or withdrawn as cash. They also don’t have personalization options.

You can use these gift cards at any participating merchants within the resort, including spa treatments, food and entertainment, accommodation, and recreational activities like golf or shopping; you cannot use it for gambling purposes.

Borgata Atlantic City Gift Card

MGM Rewards Gift Card
Gift Card Value$25-$1,000
Personalized DesignPre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card AvailabilityNo

Borgata gift cards fall under the banner of MGM gift cards. You can buy them at various MGM Resort participating retailers, the concierge/front desks, or online. Only physical card options are available; you can choose between several pre-designed card options.

Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, and PayPal are all accepted forms of payment for a Borgata gift card. Gift Cards don’t come with costs other than the gift card fee and the amount you choose to load.

You may incur additional costs if you choose a delivery method other than the standard free shipping option. Purchase limits for these cards are $25 to $1,000 per card. The card can’t be reloaded or exchanged for cash.

An MGM gift card may be used at participating retail stores, restaurants, lounges and bars, wedding chapels, spas, entertainment venues, and for accommodation. They are not valid for gaming, online purchases, or reservations.

Resorts Atlantic City Gift Card

Gift Card Value$1-$1,000
Personalized DesignPre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card AvailabilityYes

Purchasing Resorts Atlantic City Gift cards is easy. You can buy them at the Resorts Hotel or online. You can also choose to have a physical card delivered or have an eCard sent by SMS, Facebook, or email.

You choose the amount you load onto the card up to $1,000. They can be topped up at a later stage and personalized by adding a message and the sender and receiver’s name. You can choose from several pre-made designs.

You can pay for them using cash or credit/debit cards when you buy them in person. When shopping online, you must use a credit/debit card to pay. If you’re wondering, “Can you use gift cards at casinos?”, the answer is usually no; you can’t use these gift cards for gambling. Still, you can use them on basically anything else in the Resorts Hotel, including spa treatments, the health club, dining out, accommodation costs, and participating retail stores.

Ocean Casino Resort Gift Card

Ocean Resort Gift Card
Gift Card Value$10-$500
Personalized DesignPre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card AvailabilityYes

You can purchase an Ocean Casino AC physical or eGift card at the front desk or online using your debit or credit card. A physical gift card can be shipped to any location, or an eGift card can be sent to a mobile device with a personal message attached.

These gift cards will work for purchases in every retail outlet, entertainment venue, bar, spa, or hotel reservations. Limited physical gift cards are available as the resort is moving onto a digital system. You can choose the amount to add to your Ocean Casino gift card up to $500.

Note: You can exchange your Ocean Casino Resort gift card funds for Free Play funds and use them for gaming inside the casino.

Golden Nugget Atlantic City Gift Card

Gift Card Value$5-$1,000
Personalized DesignPre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card AvailabilityYes

Golden Nugget Casino has digital eGift cards and physical gift cards that get delivered by postal mail, email, or SMS with a personal message attached. This gift card can only be bought via third-party vendors like Giftly, Amazon, and Staples. Some online merchants allow you to choose your card design, too.

The maximum card value you can load onto the card start at $5 and can go up to $1,000 depending on where you buy it. Physical cards come pre-loaded with $25, $50, and $100 options available. Golden Nugget gift cards may be purchased online or through gift card websites and applications using various payment methods including PayPal, Apple Pay, and several types of credit and debit cards.

The Golden Nugget gift cards are not redeemable for cash and may not be used for gambling, banquets, or private dining events. They may only be used for the cost of accommodation, meals and drinks, spa facilities, and retail stores at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino locations.

Hard Rock Atlantic City Gift Card

Hard Rock AC Gift Card
Gift Card Value$25-$500
Personalized DesignPre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card AvailabilityYes

Hard Rock AC gift cards are available for purchase online and at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino retail stores. Physical cards must be collected in person; digital cards can be sent via email or SMS.

You can choose the amount to add to the card. The maximum that you can load onto a card is $500. Every digital Hard Rock Casino gift card can be unique with the amount of design and message options available.

A Hard Rock gift card may be used to purchase merchandise and services sold at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City, such as car washes and gas, accommodation, spa services, dining, and entertainment.

Note: You may swap your gift card funds for Free Play by taking it to the Hard Rock Wild Card guest services.

Bally’s Atlantic City Gift Card

Gift Card Value$5-$1,000
Personalized DesignPre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card AvailabilityYes

Bally’s Atlantic City gift cards can only be purchased online via third-party vendors using various online payment methods like PayPal, credit/debit cards, or instant transfers. You can choose from many designs, along with any amount up to $1,000, and a personal message of your choice when you buy a digital eGift card.

Some outlets email the gift card to you for printing; others offer to deliver physical cards or credit the receiver’s PayPal or bank account. These gift cards can be used for anything except gambling at Bally’s, unless you have the option to receive the cash to a bank account – then it can be used for anything.


Do Atlantic City casinos offer gift cards and certificates?

Yes, all Atlantic City casinos offer physical gift cards. Some also offer eGift cards or digital gift card certificates. You can purchase them at the resorts from participating outlets or online.

What can AC casino gift cards be spent on?

Atlantic City casino gift cards can be spent at participating outlets within the resort. These include accommodations, restaurants, retail shops, entertainment venues, bars, lounges, spa treatments, and more. The cards typically cannot be used on gambling, however, some AC resorts (Hard Rock, Ocean) allow guest to exchange gift cards for Free Play funds and use those to play at the respective casino.

Where can I buy MGM gift cards?

The MGM Gift Card can be bough online via MGM Resorts official website or at the locations owned by MGM Resorts, such as Borgata Atlantic City, MGM Grand Detroit, and Bellagio Las Vegas.

Are you allowed to use an MGM gift card for gambling?

No, casino gift cards are not gambling gift cards. They may not be used for gambling, but you can use them for things like dining, entertainment, shopping, and accommodation at the resorts.

Can you buy casino chips or play slots with gift cards?

In most cases, casino gift cards cannot be used for anything related to gambling. However, at some Casinos like Hard Rock and Ocean Casino, you can exchange gift card funds for Free Play in the casino.

Where can I get a Tropicana Atlantic City gift card?

Tropicana AC resort is part of the Caesars Rewards program, therefore, you should head to the reward program’s website to purchase the gift card. The program does not offer eCards, so the physical gift certificate will be delivered to you or the addressee of your choice.

How long is the MGM casino gift card valid for?

The best thing about MGM Resorts gift cards is that the funds on them never expire. There is a “Valid Thru” date on the card, but even if it passes, you can call for a new physical card or order a new MGM gift card online with no additional payments involved.

What denominations are available for Hard Rock Casino gift cards?

You can buy a Hard Rock AC gift card worth $25/$50/$75/$100/$150/$200/$250/$300/$500. Remember, this money can’t be used for gambling, although you can exchange it for Hard Rock Free Play in a casino.

Are there any fees for buying a Caesars Atlantic City gift certificate (Caesar Rewards Gift Card)?

Yes, a certificate itself costs $1.65. Besides, there is a convenience fee charged of 4.5% to process your transaction online.

Can AC casinos gift cards be used for gambling at NJ online casinos?

Unfortunately, most of these gift cards are for the offline use only and are not allowed to be used on gambling activities. You can use NJ casino prepaid cards to top up your account at one of your favorite New Jersey online casinos. Prepaid cards can be bought from online vendors and may be used for both deposits and withdrawals.

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