Atlantic City Casino Parking Fees: Which Casinos Offer Free Parking in Atlantic City?

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Parking in Atlantic City Casinos

Welcome to Atlantic City, where the thrill of the casinos draws crowds daily. Amidst the excitement, parking fees are a practical concern for visitors. In this article, we unravel the complexities of the landscape of parking in Atlantic City. We’ll focus on which casinos offer free parking.

In mid-August, the Golden Nugget Atlantic City parking introduced an advanced parking system featuring license plate recognition and mobile QR codes. However, the casino increased its standard parking fee to $10. But fear not, as we’ll explore how visitors can offset this cost through gaming, dining, and smart spending, making parking a rewarding part of the Atlantic City experience.

Parking at AC Casinos: Everything You Need to Know

Nowadays, it’s essential there’s a place to park your car safely.

Dive into our guide on free casino parking in Atlantic City. Remember, all Atlantic City casinos and their parking facilities operate 24/7, ensuring accessibility whenever you indulge in this iconic destination’s vibrant offerings. Plan your visit wisely, armed with the latest information, for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

All the information here comes from official sources and is subject to changes. We suggest you contact the casinos if you’re planning a visit. Let’s learn more about the available casino parking lots.

🚗 Borgata Atlantic City Parking

  • $10 per regular visit
  • $5 fee for Pearl MGM Rewards Members for Valet
  • $5 per visit if customers use the self-park garage in the North Entrance
Valet ParkingYes
Car ChargingYes

Borgata Hotel Casino AC offers a convenient and accessible parking facility open seven days a week. With 4,600 parking spaces, including spots for disabled visitors and vehicles with height restrictions, Borgata’s lot caters to diverse needs. That said, it’s not one of the Atlantic City casinos with free parking. It embraces eco-friendly practices by providing electric car charging stations, making it a suitable choice for all visitors, from gaming enthusiasts to those seeking sustainable options.

Borgata $5 Parking Hack

If you’re looking to save on your parking and play some of the best slots in AC, this neat little parking hack has you covered. Essentially, when you park at any paid casino parking lot in AC, you can ask for a receipt that allows you to get free parking at any other casino in the city until 6 AM the following morning.

📌 Make sure you ask for the receipt!

Borgata’s surface parking lot has 4,600 spaces and a low fee of just $5. With your receipt in hand, you can now have a swift change of heart and decide to park in any other lot without paying a single cent more. This is, of course, also useful for its intended purpose of allowing you to move around the city and have a few extra bucks in your pocket for entertainment.

🚗 Parking at Golden Nugget Atlantic City

  • $10 at the self-parking garage
  • Valet pricing Monday – Thursday: $10
  • Valet pricing Friday – Sunday: $15
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsYes

Parking at Golden Nugget Atlantic City is designed to cater to various guests with special considerations. For Billionaire, Elite, and Chairman cardholders, the convenience of complimentary self-parking is a simple swipe of the player’s card away.

U.S. Veterans and Active-Duty customers enjoy the same benefit by presenting proof of their status at The 24K Select Club or The Casino Cage. Additionally, Premier Cardholders can relish complimentary self-parking from Sunday to Thursday, beginning at midnight on Sunday and concluding at 11:59 PM on Thursday. The process is fast and easy. Swipe the player’s card upon exit, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all eligible guests.

🚗 Tropicana AC Parking

FeesRanging from Free parking spaces to $50 on Holidays for Special Events
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsNo

Tropicana Atlantic City Casino offers a convenient parking solution with its well-equipped facility. Boasting 1,200 parking spaces, guests can easily find a spot to accommodate their needs. The facility offers parking all year round, working throughout the whole day. It’s designed to be inclusive, featuring dedicated disabled spaces to ensure accessibility for all visitors.

Unfortunately, the car park has a height limit of 6’6, meaning RVs and other over-sized vehicles won’t be able to enter, and there are no over-sized spaces in the lot. In addition, there are no EV charging stations for electric vehicles.

Whether you’re planning a night of gaming, dining, or entertainment at Tropicana, their parking facility provides ample space and accessibility options to enhance your overall experience.

🚗 Caesars Atlantic City Parking Prices

FeesPrices range from $15 to $25 for weekends and certain occasions
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsNo

Caesars Atlantic City adjusts parking prices based on different days and holidays, providing a flexible range to accommodate various schedules and preferences. Whether you’re planning a weekday getaway or a holiday celebration, Caesars’ parking options cater to diverse needs while offering a seamless and efficient experience.

Parking at Caesars Atlantic City opens up 3,500 spaces, ensuring ample availability for guests. The parking area includes designated spaces for disabled visitors, emphasizing inclusivity. To streamline the process, guests can pay upon exit, adding convenience to their visit.

Caesars Atlantic City has a vehicle height restriction of seven feet and offers no oversized parking for larger vehicles such as RV’s. The lot also doesn’t have any electric vehicle charging stations, so guests should ensure they have sufficient charge before arriving.

🚗 Harrah’s Atlantic City Parking

FeesRanging from Free to $20
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsNo

Harrah’s Resort Casino Atlantic City offers a parking facility tailored to meet the needs of all visitors. With a height limit of 7′, the parking structure ensures accommodation for various vehicles.

Harrah’s provides oversized public parking in Atlantic City to cater to larger vehicles, enhancing convenience for all guests. With a capacity for 2,200 vehicles, the parking facility is spacious and efficient.

The lot at Harrah’s has a maximum vehicle height restriction of seven feet, though the lot does sport oversized spaces for larger vehicles. At the moment, there are no charging stations for electric vehicles.

To streamline the process, visitors can make card payments conveniently upon exit, adding a seamless touch to their experience at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City.

🚗 Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City Parking

FeesRanging from $15 to $40 depending on the day and vehicle type
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsNo

Regarding Hard Rock AC parking, convenience is crucial. Those visiting by automobile will find the self-parking garage, ideally near the casino, a popular and handy option. The garage has enough space, guaranteeing guests a pleasant parking experience.

Motorcycle enthusiasts will also find a friendly feature, as Hard Rock Atlantic City parking garage recognizes the unique demands of bikers. Motorcycle parking spots cater to the unique needs of motorcyclists, adding a thoughtful touch to the casino’s total parking amenities.

🚗 Parking at Bally’s Atlantic City

FeesRange from Free with Legend, Superstar, and Star cards to $10-$25
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsNo

Bally’s Atlantic City free parking has 3,960 parking spots that are both big and easily accessible. The parking area is open seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday, to accommodate the varied schedules of guests.

Whether planning a workday outing or a weekend escape, Bally’s dedication to seamless parking services assures a convenient experience for all visitors, boosting the overall enjoyment of your visit to this historic Atlantic City venue.

Valet parking at Bally’s is available Thursday through Sunday to hotel guests as well as Superstar and Legend members of the Bally’s Rewards program.

Bally’s Free Parking Tips

Those with a Bally’s Reward Card can earn free parking by spending $50 with their Rewards Card at any Bally’s restaurant and asking for a parking voucher. You can also earn free parking by earning $10 Bally’s Bucks in a single day via gaming and swiping your Rewards Card at any kiosk for the voucher. These free parking promotions are unavailable during holidays, beach concerts, or on Saturdays.

🚗 Ocean Casino Resort AC Parking

FeesRanging from Free to between $5 and $15
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsNo

Parking is made simple and convenient at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City. The Ocean Casino Resort Parking Garage is seamlessly connected to the facility. It provides a convenient option for guests and free parking in Atlantic City casinos. For extra convenience, valet parking services are provided.

Park on the Ocean side on the 6th level for convenient access to the casino, while visitors checking into the hotel may locate dedicated spaces on the City side on the 11th floor. It’s worth mentioning that parking costs may fluctuate depending on the season or during high-volume events.

Self-parking at Ocean Casino Resort is available for vehicles up to seven feet in height with no oversized spaces. Valet parking offers oversized spaces that accommodate vehicles up to 7 feet and 6 inches in height.

Both Valet parking and self-parking are available to Ocean Rewards Reserve, Prime, and Preferred members for free, while Signature members pay $5 and everyone else is charged $15. Valet parking offers oversized spaces that accommodate vehicles up to 7 feet and 6 inches in height.

🚗 Parking at Resorts Casino Atlantic City

FeesPrices range from $10 to $25
Valet ParkingYes
Car Charging StationsYes

With 900 parking spots, Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City provides a complete parking experience for guests. An Electric Vehicle Charging Station is conveniently accessible on the surface lot across from the main lobby door for people interested in environmentally friendly transportation.

The station assists eco-conscious guests with an electric car and a dependable charging option. The ChargePoint app makes it simple to view charging station rates and availability. Furthermore, Resorts Casino Hotel is conveniently located near multiple major airports for guests arriving by air.

The Resorts parking lots don’t support oversized vehicles, such as motor homes, RV’s, and box trucks. The surface lot closes early each night, so guests planning to leave later in the evening should consider using the garage lot, which is open 24 hours.

When it comes to fees, self-parking costs $15 Monday to Thursday, and $20 Friday to Sunday, whereas valet parking is $20 and $25 respectively. Hotel guests and premier card members get between $5-10 off of parking fees, whereas Epic+ can grab free self-parking, and Paramount+ gets free valet parking.

Other Parking Options near AC Casinos

Explore off-site options for alternative parking. Atlantic City Boardwalk Parking offers convenience and potential cost savings. Find cheap parking in Atlantic City in the list below.

Atlantic City Convention Center

The Atlantic City Convention Center offers top-notch meetings with 1,400 onsite parking spaces and an additional 15,000 spaces nearby. Managed by Spectra, it provides venue and food services for a comprehensive experience.

GM Parking

Private parking is available at 2425 Pacific Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, conveniently across from Boardwalk Hall. Enjoy easy access and proximity to this iconic venue for your visit, ensuring a convenient and stress-free experience.

Pacific Ave Parking

Choosing self-parking offers affordability and control during your visit, ensuring your car’s protection within the facility. Enjoy the freedom to explore independently with added peace of mind.


Which casino has free parking in Atlantic City?

Many of the casinos offer free parking in Atlantic City with certain conditions. Mainly, Bally’s and Harrah’s in Atlantic City have been known to offer free parking.

Is there free parking at Hard Rock Atlantic City?

Free parking is available for higher-tier Total Rewards players, club members, and specific hotel packages. Yet, there’s no available free parking for the general public.

What is the parking fee at Borgata Atlantic City?

Borgata Casino provides parking at $10 per regular visit, with a $5 valet fee for Pearl MGM Rewards Members and a reduced $5 fee for self-parking at the North Entrance.

What is the Golden Nugget AC parking fee?

Golden Nugget offers self-parking at $10 and valet services at $10 (Mon-Thurs) or $15 (Fri-Sun). Confirm rates with Golden Nugget for better accuracy.

Is there free parking at Harrah’s Atlantic City?

Harrah’s Atlantic City offers free parking for Seven Stars, Diamond, and Platinum members, with varying rates for Retail, Gold, and hotel guests.

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