MGM Rewards Explained: MGM Rewards Tiers & Benefits [2024 Guide]

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MGM Rewards program explained

MGM Rewards, previously known as M Life Rewards or simply M Life, is the new and updated MGM loyalty program for customers at physical MGM Resorts properties.

MGM rewards is specifically for your favorite brick-and-mortar resorts (Borgata Atlantic City, for instance, is one of the MGM Rewards participants outside Nevada), although BetMGM Rewards exists for players who prefer gambling at licensed NJ online casinos. You can always link the two, as explained below. The five-tier program encompasses some excellent benefits, with everything from free parking to luxury staterooms on a five-night cruise. So, if you’ve ever stopped at an MGM resort and are looking to get a bit more out of your time there, read on to find out everything you need to know about the program!

Pros and Cons of MGM Rewards

MGM Rewards provides a decent range of benefits to retail players, including complimentary accommodations in various destinations. However, both MGM Rewards and BetMGM Rewards have room for improvement in catering to the needs of online-only players. Here’s our take on the program:

  • Available in nearly 20 casino locations
  • MGM Rewards and BetMGM Rewards are linked
  • Reward Points don’t expire after the Pearl Tier
  • Points are earned in an obfuscated way
  • Tier Credits and Reward Points are earned at differing rates
  • Rewards are primarily focused on retail

What’s the Difference Between MGM Rewards and BetMGM Rewards?

The difference between these two programs is a bit confusing at first. BetMGM Rewards is a separate loyalty program that BetMGM online casino players are automatically enrolled in upon signup.

MGM Rewards, on the other hand, covers a huge range of rewards and benefits focused around MGM Resorts.

The two programs can be linked together, ensuring that any spend, be it online or in person, will count toward your overall Tier Status, and you’ll basically unlock tiers for both programs at the same time. As such, we will refer to the overall program as MGM Rewards, and know that if you link your BetMGM account, you’ll get a few extras focused on online play, which we will cover below. There are some other online rewards programs like DraftKings Dynasty Rewards, which offers bonuses and prizes for online casino and sportsbook gamblers exclusively.

How to Get an MGM Rewards Card

For online players, you’ll automatically be enrolled into both MGM Rewards and BetMGM Rewards when you play at a BetMGM online casino. You’ll get your MGM Rewards card when visiting an MGM Rewards desk in person with a valid government approved photo-ID.

Don’t forget to link your accounts. Even if you’ve never played online at BetMGM, it’s worth linking up just to get the free monthly bets. Although some states allow BetMGM customers to gamble at 18, all BetMGM Rewards customers must be over the age of 21.

How to Earn Tier Credits in MGM Rewards

MGM Rewards Tiers

Tier Credits are typically earned at a rate of eight credits per dollar of theoretical loss, although some titles give varying amounts.

Here’s how theoretical loss works: It’s basically the amount of money you theoretically lose to the house edge each time you make a bet. For example, on a slot game with 95% RTP, or 5% house edge, a $1 bet would be worth five cents in theoretical loss, as that’s how much a player is likely to lose on that bet over time.

Here are a few examples:

  • $100 wagered on a 92% RTP slot would yield $8 in theoretical loss, or 64 Tier Credits;
  • $100 wagered on a 95% RTP slot would yield $5 in theoretical loss, or 40 Tier Credits;
  • $100 wagered on a 98% RTP slot would yield $2 in theoretical loss, or 10 Tier Credits.

This is very different from actual loss, which plays no part in your rewards membership. The casino isn’t rooting for you to lose; it’s just an easy way for them to track how much value you, as a player, bring to the table.

Tier Credits can also be earned at a rate of four credits per dollar spent on non-gaming activities at MGM, such as hotels, dining, or at the gift shop.

Tier Credit Bonuses

The Daily Tier Status Accelerator is a daily bonus system designed to give an extra reward to those who play a lot in a single 24-hour period.

Here’s a table with each milestone and its reward, as well as how much you’d have to wager through on a 95% RTP title:

Tier Credits EarnedBonus Credits EarnedTotal Credits EarnedTotal Coin-InOther Notes
20,00020,00040,000$50,000Gold in two days
40,00060,0001000,000$100,000Platinum in two days

Tier Levels and Benefits in MGM Rewards

MGM Rewards’ five-tier system has four regular tiers and one exclusive, invitation-only tier. Each tier comes with more and more benefits but requires a certain number of Tier Credits in order to attain.

Here’s how much you’d have to wager on a title with 95% RTP to unlock each tier without any bonuses:

TierCredits RequiredTheoretical LossTotal Coin-In

Sapphire (0+ Tier Credits)

The first tier of MGM Rewards brings a host of starter benefits to new members, including the following:

  • The ability to earn Reward Points and Slot Dollars;
  • Hotel savings of up to 15%;
  • A 5% discount on retail at MGM Resorts.

Pearl (20,000+ Tier Credits)

Pearl is the first level of MGM Rewards that requires actual gameplay. However, for the amount of gameplay necessary to achieve it, the perks are somewhat lackluster. Here are some of the new perks:

  • Reward points will no longer expire;
  • A 10% increase when earning Slot Dollars;
  • A 10% discount on retail at MGM Resorts;
  • Complimentary tickets to select shows in Vegas.

Gold (75,000+ Tier Credits)

MGM Rewards’ Gold Tier still leaves much to be desired, even with a steep increase in the number of Tier Credits required. Here are some of the best perks you’ll receive after earning 75,000 Tier Credits:

  • Expedited Check-in lines;
  • A 20% bonus when earning Slot Dollars;
  • Priority check-in and no resort fee when booking direct;
  • Upgraded hotel rooms based on availability;
  • Priority at select restaurants and a $100 celebration dinner;
  • Complimentary valet parking at select Resorts.

Platinum (200,000+ Tier Credits)

At 200,000 Tier Credits, the Platinum tier is where the fun really begins with new freebies and comps that members can claim once per year. Here are some of the best perks in the Platinum tier:

  • An annual cruise with an oceanview stateroom for up to five nights;
  • A $600 travel credit to Las Vegas each year;
  • A suite upgrade once per year for up to three nights;
  • A $200 celebration dinner;
  • 1 PM check-in and 4 PM late check-out based on availability.

NOIR (Invitation Only)

While the NOIR tier doesn’t have a set number of Tier Credits to earn, don’t expect to be invited in with anything less than Platinum Tier numbers, and probably much higher. With that, though, you’ll be in for some of these excellent benefits:

  • An annual cruise with a balcony stateroom for up to seven nights;
  • 40% bonus on earned slot dollars;
  • Up to $1,200 in airfare credit to Las Vegas once per year;
  • Complimentary access to various VIP Lounges at MGM Rewards destinations;
  • A $500 celebration dinner.

BetMGM Rewards by Tier Level

As previously mentioned, each tier of MGM Rewards will give you certain BetMGM Rewards benefits. Here they are:

Birth Bonus Bet$5$10$25$100$200
Anniversary Bonus Bet$5$10$25$100$200
Rewards Point Bonus10%20%30%40%
Premium Support?
Expedited Window Service
VIP Host for BetMGM?

Earning and Redeeming MGM Reward Points

MGM Rewards Points are earned for any spend across 20+ MGM Resorts nationwide, including hotels, dining, retail, and gambling.

The amount of reward points earned for non-gambling activities is equal to one point per dollar spent, and points can be redeemed for the same goods and services at a rate of 100 points per dollar, effectively making the program a 1% discount across MGM retail. Gambling spend is a little different and works similarly to how Tier Credits are earned, with each game offering a differing number of reward points per dollar spent based on the theoretical loss of the game.

You can also transfer your BetMGM points into MGM points if you wish. This means you can play online and earn in-person MGM Resorts rewards.

MGM Rewards Credit Card

MGM Rewards Mastercard

The MGM Rewards Mastercard is a credit card specifically designed to be used at MGM Resorts, with several useful perks for your next visit to an MGM casino.

For starters, your new MGM card benefits include 3x Points and Tier Credits per dollar spent on non-gambling activities at MGM Resort. That essentially means a 3% bonus back on those purchases.

You’ll also get 2x points and tier credits at supermarkets and when purchasing gas. While that sounds good, your regular credit card may give you more than 2% value when making those purchases. Plus, you will get a single point and tier credit per dollar spent on everyday purchases, including BetMGM deposits.

How Long Do Reward Points and Tier Status Last?

After earning the necessary points for the next tier level, your status will be upgraded, and you will retain this tier status for the remainder of the current year plus the entire following calendar year, and until January of the third calendar year.

For example, if you earned Pearl status in July 2023, you’d keep Pearl status until January 3, 2025.

Reward Points will expire after six months of inactivity. However, anyone who holds Pearl Tier Status or higher won’t have to worry about expiration.

Responsible Gambling and T&Cs

It’s worth remembering that most of the benefits that come with the MGM Rewards program are benefits that you could just buy with cash. That’s why it’s probably best to look at these rewards as ‘free stuff’ rather than something actually worth aiming for.

For example, while an annual complimentary cruise, an expensive celebratory dinner, and $600 in airfare credits are great, the average person will lose around $25,000 getting to those rewards.

In addition, there are plenty of terms and conditions that come with the program, including specific dates for certain benefits. If you’re gunning for a particular benefit or just want to know more, the T&Cs of the program have the specifics.

Is MGM Rewards Worth It?

There’s much to like about MGM Rewards at the higher tiers, especially when paired with a BetMGM Rewards account for online play. That said, comparable programs such as the Caesars Rewards program seem to offer more to retail customers, while this one provides a bit more to gamblers. The rewards program is available in sone of the best-ranked casinos in Vegas, such as The Cosmopolitan, ARIA, and Bellagio. Another attractive option, Hard Rock Unity Program, has recently been launched with a designated app and a tier match for all AC casinos.

If you have a rewards account with any eligible Tier Match casino, it’s probably worth getting the tier match, especially if you frequent MGM Resorts.

The biggest fault with this rewards program is how obfuscated the casino numbers are. It’s hard for new players to sign up and know what they’re getting for their play, and that’s a shame.


Does MGM Rewards Have an Exclusive Invitation-Only Tier?

The NOIR tier is MGM Rewards’ exclusive, invitation-only tier. This tier comes with perks such as an annual seven-night cruise, a $1,200 airfare credit to Las Vegas, and a $500 celebration dinner, among other exciting perks.

Does MGM Rewards Tier Match With Other Casinos?

Yes, MGM Rewards will tier-match a number of other casino reward programs, including five New Jersey-based reward programs such as Caesars Rewards. In addition, those with both MGM membership and World of Hyatt membership are currently able to earn status in the two programs simultaneously.

What’s the Difference Between BetMGM Rewards and MGM Rewards?

MGM Rewards is the loyalty program attached to physical MGM Resorts, which typically provides benefits that members can take advantage of in person. BetMGM Rewards is tied to the BetMGM NJ online casino platform. Although the two platforms are different, they can be linked, and Tier Status is earned simultaneously.

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