Atlantic City Casinos Forfeit Thousands of Dollars Due to Illegal Gambling

Arsenii Anderson
atlantic city casinos forfeit thousands of dollars due to illegal gambling

Last month, the state’s racetrack and five casinos in Atlantic City were hit hard by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement for a number of infractions.

Infractions included underage gambling, excluded individuals being allowed to play, and customers who did not have the required identification allowed on the property. The statistics are staggering:

  • 60 underage gamblers;
  • 11 excluded gamblers;
  • forfeited funds totaling $67,730.77.

The state of New Jersey receives all the money that the Atlantic City casino scene loses or takes from customers once they are asked for identification and it is discovered that they are underage or excluded. After that, officials use the funds for senior citizen and disabled resident programs, problem gambling treatment programs, and other initiatives.

Underage Gaming at Atlantic City Casinos

Underage gambling was the subject of one of the most noteworthy statistics from this round of director actions. As previously mentioned, 60 underage customers had their money taken by Atlantic City casinos.

The largest transgression was at Ocean Casino Resort, which lost $778.15 in winnings given to 23 minors.

There were 18 minor gamblers at Golden Nugget Atlantic City, 12 at Resorts Atlantic City, and 7 at Harrah’s Atlantic City.

Total forfeited funds from underage gambling amounted to $2,487.45.

AC Casinos Lose Money from Failed Identification

There were further similar instances at Resorts, Ocean, and Golden Nugget as a result of identity inquiries.

$11,421.03 was paid out by Resorts after the DGE’s revisions. Ocean, on the other hand, had to lose $6,624.84 after the casino found that 25 people were either unable to provide proper identity or were not allowed to gamble. In a similar vein, Golden Nugget lost $1,229.67.

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