The Anti-Smoking Advocacy Group to Announce Huge Smoking-Ban News on April 5

Arsenii Anderson
the anti smoking advocacy group to announce huge smoking ban news on april 5

There are hints that a significant development is imminent from anti-smoking activists who are spearheading the effort to outlaw smoking in AC casinos.

Casino Employees Against Smoking’s (Harmful) Effects, or C.E.A.S.E., is hinting to the more than 3,000 fans of its Facebook page that there will be a “huge announcement” at the Statehouse in Trenton on Friday, April 5.

What exactly that “huge announcement” entails, however, is yet unknown. Considering that on January 29, the New Jersey Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee approved a bill that would outlaw smoking at Atlantic City casinos, this announcement can signify that the days of indoor smoking at gambling establishments are over.

Is a Smoking Ban at AC Casinos on the Horizon?

Pete “P.J.” Naccarelli, a table games dealer at AC’s Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa and co-founder of C.E.A.S.E., won’t reveal what will happen on April 5. Rather, Naccarelli has been jokingly urging his fellow casino workers and anti-smoking supporters on Facebook to speculate about what may happen, with some ideas ranging from presidential candidacies to well-known celebrities endorsing the cause.

A different user put up a sign-up form for the event, mentioning a massive rally to maintain momentum and significant news coming with a special guest.

It makes sense that C.E.A.S.E. is reluctant to make audacious public declarations. In recent years, no one has been burned more by Trenton than the workers of AC Casinos who want a smoke-free workplace.

A vote to outlaw smoking inside Atlantic City casinos is one item that will not take place on April 5.

Earlier this year, a measure to outlaw smoking at Atlantic City casinos passed out of a state Senate committee. However, sources in Trenton claim that much more work has to be done before the law is approved.

Furthermore, Fridays are not used by the State Legislature for meetings other than budget talks.

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