Hard Rock Will Give $1 Million in Bonuses to AC Employees

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Hard Rock Will Give $1 Million in Bonuses to AC Employees

In early February, the famous Hard Rock Hotel & Casino announced that they would be giving a total of $1 million in bonuses to over 2,000 employees.

In a press statement, Hard Rock International Chairman Jim Allen said, “We believe that this continued support of our employees, and our belief that this will continue to enhance our respect and appreciation that we’ve provided to them and that they have given back to us, will continue to grow customer service in the property, and more importantly, continue to separate us from the rest of the industry.”

Allen also mentioned that workers at other Hard Rock locations would receive part of this bonus. He clarified that employees across the country would be getting a portion of the compensation (although he did not explain in which locations specifically apart from Atlantic City).

The breakdown of the bonus rollout is as follows:

  • The 1,822 hourly workers will each get a bonus of $250.
  • The 197 supervisors will take home an extra $500.
  • 165 managers will pocket $1000 each.

While the pandemic negatively affected Hard Rock’s 2020 earnings on a high level almost the entire year, they were required to close their doors amid public health concerns. Allen pointed out that the casino did exceed its projections when it was allowed to operate.

Allen went on to point out they’re in it for the long haul, stating, “we’re committed to this project on a long-term basis. We know Atlantic City still has a great history behind it and still has a better history in front of it.”

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