50 Fun Facts about New Jersey and Atlantic City

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Fun Facts about New Jersey and Atlantic City

Did you know that the biggest sum a New Jersey casino paid to the winner was $10.01 million? So, every gambler has a chance — especially in Atlantic City, with its vibrant atmosphere and some of the most iconic and thrilling casino experiences in the United States.

Get ready to explore the world of facts about New Jersey and Atlantic City as we present you with 50 fascinating facts that will leave you eager to roll the dice.

🌳 New Jersey Facts

Consider some of the coolest New Jersey facts below.

1. The First Legal Online Casino in the US

The first legal online casino in the United States was launched in New Jersey in November 2013. Since then, online gambling has become increasingly popular in the state with some of the NJ online casinos being the most profitable online gambling platforms in the US.

2. The Edison Legacy

Thomas Edison, one of history’s greatest inventors, called New Jersey home. His famous laboratory in Menlo Park (the “Invention Factory”) was a hub for groundbreaking innovations.

3. The Trump Taj Mahal

The Trump Taj Mahal, which was opened in 1990 and closed in 2016, was once the largest casino in the world. It featured extravagant architecture inspired by the Taj Mahal in India.

4. Jersey Devil Legend

One of the top NJ fun facts is that New Jersey is steeped in folklore, and one of its most famous legends is that of the Jersey Devil. According to the myth, this creature haunts the Pine Barrens region, having inspired tales of its eerie presence for centuries.

5. Commercial Gaming GGR

In FY 2022, commercial gaming GGR in NJ was $5,211.3 million, with a 10% change over FY 2021.

6. Revolutionary History

George Washington and his troops’ famous crossing of the Delaware River occurred in New Jersey on Christmas night in 1776 during the American Revolutionary War.

7.Musical Legacy

New Jersey has given rise to numerous influential musicians. Notable artists hailing from the state include:

  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Whitney Houston
  • Bon Jovi
  • The Fugees
  • Dionne Warwick

The music scene in New Jersey continues to thrive with a diverse range of genres and talents.

8. World-Class Entertainment

Here are some more interesting facts about NJ. New Jersey casinos are not just about gambling; they are renowned for hosting world-class entertainment events: from mesmerizing live concerts by A-list musicians to captivating theatrical performances.

9. Pharmaceutical Powerhouse

The pharmaceutical industry has a strong presence in New Jersey, with many major pharmaceutical companies having headquarters or major operations within the state.

10. Diner Capital

New Jersey proudly holds the title of the “Diner Capital of the World.” The state is known for its numerous classic diners, offering delicious comfort food and a nostalgic dining experience. As of 2023, New Jersey houses over 500 diners.

11. Legal Gambling Age

The legal gambling age in New Jersey is 21, the same as in Las Vegas.

12. All Around the Clock Casinos

The Atlantic City casinos are open 24/7, allowing visitors to indulge in gambling, dining, and entertainment around the clock.

13. New Jersey VS. Las Vegas

As one of the fun facts about New Jersey, in 2018, New Jersey surpassed Las Vegas as the sports betting capital of the United States. The state has embraced legal sports betting, leading to a surge in popularity and revenue.

14. Blueberry is the State Fruit

New Jersey fun facts are not over here. New Jersey has designated blueberry as its official state fruit. The initial cultivation of blueberries took place in Whitesbog, New Jersey. The prime season for blueberries in the state is from mid-June, reaching its peak in July.

15. Showboat Atlantic City

Showboat Atlantic City, a former casino hotel, opened on March 30, 1987, and closed its casino operations in August 2014. However, the property has since reopened as a non-gaming hotel.

16. New Jersey Employs

Some more interesting facts about New Jersey casinos. The casino industry in New Jersey employs over 39,000 people, providing significant employment opportunities in the state.

17. The First Legal Sports Bet

There are some cool facts about New Jersey. The first legal sports bet in New Jersey was placed at Monmouth Park Racetrack on June 14, 2018, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to lift the federal ban on sports betting.

18. The New Jersey Casino Control Act

The New Jersey Casino Control Act was signed into law on June 2, 1977, paving the way for the legalization and regulation of casino gambling in the state.

19. Expensive Construction

Revel Casino Hotel, which opened in Atlantic City on April 2, 2012, cost approximately $2.4 billion to construct but closed its doors two years later due to financial difficulties.

20. Neil Armstrong

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong, an astronaut from New Jersey, became the first to walk on the moon during the historic Apollo 11 mission.

21. The Pinelands

The Pine Barrens AKA the Pinelands cover approximately 1.1 million acres and are the largest remaining example of the Atlantic coastal pine barrens ecosystem.

22. 130 Miles

New Jersey has 130 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, providing ample opportunities for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts.

23. The Garden State

New Jersey is the “Garden State” and produces various agricultural products. It’s the leading producer of blueberries, cranberries, and bell peppers in the United States.

24. The Union Watersphere

Union, located in Union County (home to one of the richest towns in NJ), houses the tallest water tower globally. This magnificent water sphere is approximately 212 feet.

25. The Constitution

New Jersey was the third state to sign the Constitution.

🌊 Atlantic City Facts

Hope you enjoyed the NJ facts. Scroll down to witness the most curious facts about Atlantic City. You’ll be amazed by the information: from the biggest casino to the most cinematographic locations of the city.

1. The Boardwalk Empire Series

The iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk, stretching for 4 miles, is home to some of the most exciting casinos in New Jersey. This historical landmark has been the backdrop for popular TV shows like Boardwalk Empire, showcasing the city’s rich gambling heritage.

2. The Marina District

In addition to the Boardwalk, Atlantic City boasts the Marina District, which features a collection of upscale entertainment venues as well as Golden Nugget Casino AC.

3. Atlantic City Gave Names to the Monopoly Board Streets

Take a moment to appreciate the street names during your visit to Atlantic City, as they directly inspired the names in the beloved tabletop game.

4. The First Casino Outside of Nevada

The first legal casino outside of Nevada in the United States — Resorts Casino Hotel — opened in Atlantic City in 1978.

5. Top Gambling Venues

Atlantic City boasts a wide range of world-class casinos offering diverse gaming options. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa is the largest in the city.

6. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City opened on June 28, 2018, following a $500 million renovation of the former Trump Taj Mahal.

7. Unique Casinos

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City offers a unique music-themed casino experience. Tropicana Casino & Resort features a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene.

8. FY 2022 Commercial Gaming GGR

$2,789.6 million is the FY 2022 commercial gaming GGR from Atlantic City, marked with a +8.5% change compared to FY 2021.

9. The Biggest Gambling Spaces

Caesars Atlantic City Hotel and Casino offers a gaming floor spanning 145,000 square feet and houses over 1,700 slot machines. Golden Nugget Atlantic City offers a casino floor spanning 80,000 square feet with over 1,500 slot machines and 74 table games.

10. Countless Games

Tropicana Casino & Resort has 2,400 slot machines and 132 table games, making it one of Atlantic City’s premier casino destinations. Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City has over 2,172 slot machines, making it one of the largest slot machine offerings in Atlantic City. Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino offers an expansive casino floor with over 1,300 slot machines and 105 table games.

11. Total Wins

The size of total wins in 1978 from casinos in Atlantic City started at $134,073. In 2021, this index is $4,737,145, with $1,366,891 of internet wins.

12. Growth Tendency

Between 1978 and 1985, the Atlantic City gaming sector experienced rapid expansion, with yearly average growth rates of 55.07% (total), 57.39% (slot), and 53.15% (table). From 1986 to 2006, the industry witnessed less remarkable growth, with average yearly growth rates of 4.37% (total), 1.55% (slot), and 6.21% (table).

13. $3.3 Billion Revenue in 2019

In 2019, Atlantic City’s casinos earned nearly $3.3 billion from gamblers, benefiting from the growing popularity of sports betting and online gambling. This success marked a significant recovery for the seaside resort, which had previously experienced a downturn in the mid-2010s resulting in the closure of five casinos.

14. Billion Revenues and Thousands Jobs

Atlantic City’s casinos generate billions of dollars in revenue yearly, significantly contributing to the state’s economy. The casino industry provides thousands of jobs and attracts millions of visitors annually.

15. Particular Casino Design

Atlantic City casinos cannot have windows or clocks inside the gambling areas. This design choice intentionally creates an environment that makes it difficult for gamblers to keep track of time, encouraging them to stay and play longer.

16. The First Legal Casino Strip Club

The world’s first legal casino strip club, “The Players Club,” opened in 1979 inside Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

17. Gambling Capital of the East Coast

Atlantic City is often called the “Gambling Capital of the East Coast” due to its thriving casino industry.

18. Best-Paying Atlantic City Slot Machines

The city’s casinos house some of the best-paying AC slots like Divine Fortune with over $44 million in jackpots of $50,000 and more paid to offline and online casinos players since 2013. Other popular slots include Wheel of Fortune and its variants with over $28 million paid and Double Top Dollar with over $13 million.

19. The Tallest Lighthouse in New Jersey

The Absecon Lighthouse, located in Atlantic City, is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey and the third tallest in the United States.

20. Harry Houdini

The world-famous street performer and illusionist Harry Houdini performed his first public escape act in Atlantic City in 1899.

21. A Diving Horse Attraction

The Steel Pier in Atlantic City had a diving horse attraction from the 1920s to the 1970s. Horses would dive off a platform into a pool of water, entertaining crowds with their daring feats.

22. The Atlantic City Expressway

The Atlantic City Expressway is a major toll road that connects Atlantic City to the mainland. It’s famous for having no exits between the Garden State Parkway and the city. This design was intended to prevent traffic congestion and streamline travel to the casinos.

23. Atlantic City Convention Hall

The original Atlantic City Convention Hall, now known as Boardwalk Hall, is the largest non-arena indoor space in the world.

24. Saltwater Taffy Candy Industry

Atlantic City played a significant role in developing the saltwater taffy candy industry. In the late 19th century, a storm flooded a candy shop on the boardwalk, soaking the taffy in saltwater.

25. Atlantic City Aquarium

Atlantic City is home to the Atlantic City Aquarium near the historic Gardner’s Basin. The aquarium houses diverse marine life, including sharks, stingrays, and tropical fish. It provides educational programs and interactive exhibits to raise awareness about marine conservation.


When was New Jersey established?

New Jersey was established as a colony in 1664 when it was granted to Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret by King Charles II of England. It later became one of the thirteen original states of the United States in 1787.

How big is New Jersey?

New Jersey is a relatively small state in terms of land area. It covers approximately 8,722 square miles, making it the fourth smallest state in the U.S. regarding land area. Despite its size, New Jersey is densely populated and has over 9 million people.

When was Atlantic City established?

Atlantic City was officially incorporated as a city on May 1, 1854. It began as a seaside resort town and grew rapidly as a popular vacation destination in the late 19th century.

How big is Atlantic City?

One of the Atlantic City facts is that it covers an area of approximately 17.96 square miles. The city is located on Absecon Island, a barrier island along the Jersey Shore. It is known for its iconic Boardwalk, which stretches for about 4 miles along the Atlantic Ocean.

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