New Bans to Be Added to the Twitch Gambling Policy Changes

Arsenii Anderson
New Bans to Be Added to the Twitch Gambling Policy Changes

In a recent policy change, Twitch extended its restriction on gambling by adding a clause stating that websites that feature gambling material that is not authorized in the US or other countries would also be prohibited, even if they include waiting periods, verification of age, or free versions of games.

After months of contentious discussion among viewers and streamers alike, Twitch addressed the subject of gambling on the live-streaming network on September 20. The platform announced its plan to outlaw certain types of gambling, including dice, slots, and roulette, while notably keeping sports betting as a legal kind of gambling. Twitch made it clear that this prohibition, which is now formally in force as of October 18, applies to all websites.

The streaming platform stated that providing links to certain gambling websites blocked from streaming would also not be permitted in chat, and referral codes to such websites will continue to be restricted.

Although Twitch has specifically mentioned a few websites that have actively worked with some of the platform’s top artists, it is likely to add more as the websites gain notoriety. As of right now, Twitch will provide first warnings to infringing streamers to give them a chance to correct their behavior before suspending them.

Following Twitch’s official announcement about gambling streaming, broadcasters are only permitted to highlight American-licensed gambling websites.

It’s crucial to find out where the website is licensed in order to assess whether it’s safe to stream it on Twitch. Governmental organizations in the Isle of Man, Malta, Curacao, and other places offer the licenses themselves. Some of these licenses, but not all of them, are applicable in the United States. The best course of action is to look into their licensing and make sure for yourself. Twitch streamers can face a lifetime ban for promoting such services.

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