Is New Jersey Going to See the Enactment of New Gaming Regulations?

Arsenii Anderson
is new jersey going to see the enactment of new gaming regulations

The opening of a new legislative session in New Jersey coincided with the arrival of the new year, and several possible new bills related to responsible gaming may be coming soon.

Online gambling has become more and more popular over time, including NJ online casino sites and sports betting platforms. Legislators are still attempting to strike a compromise between protecting excessive amounts of state tax income and helping those who are impacted by compulsive gambling.

As we go forward with this new session, the following legislation is being proposed:


This measure, which was presented by Senate President Nicholas Scutari, would establish a “state gambling treatment diversion court.” This implies that therapy is given precedence over jail time for anyone convicted of offenses involving gaming. The Senate Judiciary Committee has been notified of the passage of this measure.


The state court system presented this law, which would enroll persons engaged in underage gambling in treatment programs for the prevention and education of compulsive gambling. A person under the age of 21 who gambles at a casino faces a $500–$1,000 fine. The Senate State Government, Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee has been tasked with reviewing this measure.


Assemblywoman Garnet Hall has presented a measure that would require high school health courses to teach kids about the hazards associated with gambling addiction, taking financial risks, and chance vs predictability. The Assembly Education Committee has been tasked with overseeing this measure.


Lastly, if institutions want to collaborate with an online sports betting company, they would be required to provide preventive awareness initiatives. This measure has been forwarded to the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

Which, if any, of these measures become law will be fascinating to watch.

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