An Enhanced Experience with Unibet NJ is Coming in May, Thanks to Kindred

Arsenii Anderson
an enhanced experience with unibet nj is coming in may thanks to kindred

Unibet Casino has had a noticeable presence in NJ since 2019. However, if a recent press release from its parent company is a sign of things to come, Unibet users will soon be getting a brand-new product.

According to a press release, Kindred got final permission from the DGE to offer clients of New Jersey online casinos and sports betting greater analytics, an improved customer experience, and increased flexibility.

The Platform is Anticipated to Launch Around the Middle of May

The upcoming launch of Unibet’s new platform is a critical step in establishing Kindred’s presence in the NA market, as was stressed in the press statement.

Unibet NJ currently employs Kambi as its platform provider. These games range from online slots to sports betting, from poker to table games.

The company will continue incorporating Kambi even if Kindred’s platform swoops in. Kambi is going to continue to offer high-quality services and technology to Unibet.

Kindred is Ready to Showcase Their Authentic Unibet Offering

According to information in a news release, Kindred’s platform will offer significantly better performance and flexibility through a larger collection of data and analytics.

Users of Unibet NJ will benefit from an improved experience, with information and products that are more suited to their needs. Additionally, customers can anticipate seeing more offerings on the platform.

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