Authorities in New Jersey Discover 10 Minors Gambling at Resorts Atlantic City

Arsenii Anderson
authorities in new jersey discover 10 minors gambling at resorts atlantic city

They didn’t spend that much money, and the tale wasn’t very compelling. There was no scandal, a dispute, or even press coverage.

But there is still an issue, there is still problem gambling at the casinos in Atlantic City.

The most recent instance was made public thanks to a decision made by David Rebuck, the head of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. In a decision dated September 6, it was described how ten minors gambled and won money at Resorts Casino Hotel AC.

Details About Resorts AC’s Underage Gambling

A complaint was made on June 26 alleging that Resorts Atlantic City had taken $242.02 in gaming winnings from 10 people under the age of 21.

Each of those customers effectively admitted the claims in the lawsuit by waiving or failing to request a plenary hearing within the time frame set by state regulators.

A fine of between $500 and $1,000 is assessed for an underage gambling conviction under the Casino Control Act. Additionally, driver’s licenses will be suspended for a period of six months. (Those who don’t yet have a driver’s license will have their application deferred for six months.)

Rebuck ordered the people to surrender the $242.02 in gaming profits. Additionally, he ordered that Resorts pay the DGE the forfeited funds.

According to state law, the State General Fund will receive half of any forfeiture under $100,000. The state’s programs for treating and preventing compulsive gambling are then funded by the Department of Human Services. The Casino Revenue Fund receives the other half.

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