Jim Allen of Hard Rock Talks with NJ Gov Over Casino Smoking Ban

jim allen talks casino smoking ban

The boss of Hard Rock recently met with Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey, to discuss his feelings towards the movement to ban indoor smoking in Atlantic City casinos.

Although Allen is vocally against the ban on smoking in the casinos for economic reasons, he still claims he wasn’t trying to convince the governor to slow the movement.

I don’t think I was trying to change the governor’s mind. It was a general conversation about the economic challenges of a smoking ban and the impact it would have. Jim Allen Chair of Hard Rock International

Jim Allen Chair of Hard Rock International

Casino workers have been making their voices heard about the problems they are facing with indoor smoking, especially concerning health issues.

New Jersey legislators should not take seriously casinos crying poor and claiming the sky will fall if they end the outdated business practice of allowing indoor smoking. It’s about protecting their workers’ health, period.

Cynthia Hallett President and CEO of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR)

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